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I have auctions for three small oil paintings.

I keep meaning to flag up my auctions on this page but social media is such a juggernaut I often forget about the audience on this site. My new Whitby studio remains a productive refuge, I'm always here pushing things along in as ergonomic fashion as I can arrange. A streamlined creative process is the aim, refinement of imagery the result, I hope. I painted hard up until the xmas break and just about sold everything. A month away from the easel is more than enough to reduce momentum to zero. The train of thought can be lost, the trail goes cold, but I've since picked it up, just in time for an unprecedented global crisis when purchase of luxuries is absolutely relegated. Yet such times are traditional nourishment for the artist of apocalyptic mindset and self isolation is mere continuation of lifelong habit. There's another thing they don't teach you at art school; how to be alone for weeks without restlessness. College was a warm chatty family of like-minds, one's career afterwards the exact opposite, particularly in a Northern town where men refuse to wear spectacles no matter how short-sighted.

I digress

Anyway here are the pieces.

Firstly the newest. 'Peak Isolation, Sgurr Alasdair' oil on board 12x10".

In a similar vein

'On Blencathra'

Also 'Evening, Thirlmere'

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