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Latest paintings for sale.

I seem to have accumulated an exhibition's worth of paintings on my ebay page. They are mostly small 7x5" acrylics drawn from the rich subject matter around where I live in Whitby, North Yorkshire. It's obvious enough to make recognisable paintings of the many familiar landmarks around here and I have done so many times. Lately though, having the perspective of resident rather than tourist I am able to get off that path and focus upon certain moods and atmospheres rather than locations or views. That is where my creativity currently leads me, to find new ways of looking at and capturing the engagement and emotions of being in the landscape. I'm particularly energised by these portraits of seashore pebbles or still-lives within the landscape, they unite so many formal categories of realist painting and give opportunities to rehearse a wider repertoire and palette. There will be more of these but larger and in oil when I clear dedicated new studio space.

You can bid for my latest paintings here . Opening bids currently £65.

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