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Twitter has been strangely inefficient as a showcase for my work of late. It was until recently a vital part of my small painting-selling operation. Now it's all gone quiet, it's as if I am posting into the void, throwing my content into a vacuum of indifference. Am I imagining this? I tested the suspicion by joining the similar service Mastodon and posted identical content to my few followers. The response was surprising and dramatic, there have been dozens of 'likes' and 'retweets'. Meanwhile on Twitter a pathetic trickle of only two or three interactions despite having over 1300 followers. I will never find out why this is. I have speculated, is my traffic being 'choked'? Are my images not being seen? Has the Twitter 'algorithm' shuffled me down its list? Is my latest work not up to scratch? Have I exhausted my audience? All of these? Who knows? I can only file it away as ambiguous and see what happens. Meanwhile you can now find me on Mastodon using this handle

See you there.

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