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New/Old website

I have resolved to switch back to my old Wix site as my Wordpress site is now out of its hosting contract. I would like to thank Dan for making that lovely site for me but I am currently unable to find an affordable hosting solution. This is partly due to us also moving house, we get the keys today, but other priorities have naturally suffered whilst we are surrounded by boxes and uprooted furniture.

It's been a delight living here in Field Close on the edge of Whitby, I am going to miss my sea view but the it was only ever going to be temporary, the rent is unsustainable. We are moving a couple of streets away, buying a place with plenty of rooms so I am excited about setting up a permanent studio and eventually getting back to some new painting.

I have been spending this glorious summer exploring the quiet backroads where nobody much goes accumulating lots of ideas for new work, it's a very inspiring area, everywhere you look there is source material. I may even return to plein air painting.

It's also been a commercially successful year, I have been selling small works on ebay and just about everything has sold. Additionally I have set up a shop on Etsy where you can now buy my prints.

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