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New studio space

In the course of shifting from Nottingham to Whitby we moved house twice in one year. It was by far easiest to just heap boxes in the garage and sort them later. I've now sorted them and used the resulting space to set up a studio in which to paint.

Incredibly I haven't had space like this since the mid 1990s, even unheated it's a bit of a luxury. It is also a minimum requirement for the inevitable splash and freckling of the surroundings in paint.

The light is good, a northern window and another facing west with ample strip lighting. The black garage door faces south and the sun heats it up like a radiator. I've set up four work surfaces to optimise my workflow and gathered all my resources. It's time to paint some bigger paintings again. Expect some larger versions of my pebble pictures in oil and also some large and frothy seascapes.

I have a number of recent paintings for sale on ebay.

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